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        2. Welcome to the official website of Newopto Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd!

          Photodiode manufacturer

          It has been established for 14 years,8000+Case witness
          National Service Hotline:0755-81459333 / 18028767999
          Application Field
          Application area

          Focus on photosensitive industry for many years and provide first-class products and technical support

          Product advantages
          The monthly production capacity is 100KK and the delivery time is fast. Complete varieties and specifications, more than 150 conventional products, covering different product fields and applications.
          Price advantage
          11000㎡+Production base, source R & D manufacturer, first-hand price advantage
          National Service Hotline0755-81459333
          Technical advantages
          Its own R & D department can develop and customize different products according to customers' special needs.
          Service advantage
          Mature and professional after-sales technical department, one-to-one whole process technical support solutions to ensure that customers' application is barrier free.
          About Us
          About Newopto

          Survive by quality! Build the future with integrity

          Newopto Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd


          Founded in Shenzhen in 2008, Newopto Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter called "Newopto" for short) is specialized in manufacturing Infrared LED, photosensitive sensors, IR LED modules, pyroelectric sensors, etc.


          In order to further expand the production capacity, Newopto moved the factory to Huizhou city in 2017, which is next to Shenzhen on the northeast. The factory is located in Newopto Industrial Zone, Tongqiao Town, Zhongkai High-Tech District. The workshop size is 14000. Then, in order to complete the industrial chain and better serve customers, Newopto established two new companies which are called Huizhou Newopto Electronic Products Co., Ltd (hereinafter called "Newopto Electronic" for short) and Huizhou Newopto Sensor Technology Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter called "Newopto Sensor" for short).


          Newopto Photoelectric is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales general environmental friendly photosensitive sensor series, visible photosensitive sensor series and infrared emitter and receiver diode series; Newopto Sensor is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales human pyroelectric sensor (PIR); Newopto Electronic is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales kinds of intelligent control modules, including infrared LED module boards for kinds of CCTV cameras, Car DVRs, hunting cameras, etc, and light sensors with cable for visual doorbell, and PIR modules etc. The Newopto products are widely used in intelligent light control, security monitoring, infrared touch control, small home appliances intelligent control, Internet of things intelligent control and other major fields.

          After more than decade years of development, Newopto has beensteadily and continuously cooperating with thousands of enterprise customers and continuously strives for perfection from production equipments, testing instrument, quality control and technological process, and develops a series of high-quality new products in combination with customers' needs.  Newopto would continue to provide high-quality products and professional technical support for all customers.